100 + Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother – Quotes and Messages 2016

A brother is like a father, a protector and a friend. They make us feel special and help us in our bad times. Nobody can do what a brother can for his siblings, so shouldn’t we celebrate and wish such awesome brother on his birthday.Sending your brother beautiful birthday wish will just show them how wonderful they have made your life and that nobody can every replace them. Wishing the best for the coming year will bring fortune and good luck to their life.

Below is a big collection of the world’s best birthday wishes for brothers, Hope you like them.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Brother

  • Happy birthday to the worlds bets brother, man you are simply awesome.
  • I don’t know whether I’ll ever be able to find a brother like you. So, stay with me forever.
  • Let’s dance and enjoy, it’s my brother’s birthday.
  • You are my superhero. Brother you are special and one in a million. No matter how much we fight, you’ll always remain my brother.  I wished for an angle but I got something better and it was you.
  • No matter how bad is my mood, you always make me smile.  The person I can trust and hold faith in is my brother. 
  • No matter how far you go, you’ll always be in my heart. Today is my best friend’s birthday.  I love you so much bro, may all wishes come to true. .
  • I feel so lucky to have a brother like you. You are simply amazing; I wish I could be like you. You were in my past; I want you to be in my future too.
  • I wish all the candles on you cake, keep lighting your life, like the stars light the night sky. A very happy birthday to world’s finest brother.
  • Every day I see my idol and that’s my brother. My best friend is my brother, how privileged I am.
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  • On each birthday you look younger to me. I don’t know how you do it. You are everything I ever wanted to be. Happy birthday bro, hope stay like this forever.
  • Even words can’t express my love for you. I wish all the happiness of this world knock your door knob. Happy birthday to my dear brother. I wish you keep smiling always.
  • If perfection could be personified, then it would be you. You’re the melody of every song; you’re the difference between right and wrong. Words don’t lie, you are just perfect brother.
  • I am jealous, you look so good today.  No matter where you stay, your home will be my heart. I wish you my brother till my heart beats.
  • If I am the beginning then you are the happy ending, we complete each other. May god bless your soul. If I am the question than you’re the answer.  I will always be with you.
  • They asked me what perfection is. I called your name. Each day I wish the best for you brother, May you have many such birthdays.
  • You’ll always be my number one friend.  You are better than Miley Cyrus I swear.
  • Whenever I am hungry, you fill my tummy. I love you so much for that. Even if I travel the whole world, I’ll never find a brother like you.
  • May god bless my brother with all good things. Happy birthday bro, I don’t know how but you always manage to solve all my problems.
  • Have you seen Mr. Perfect, if haven’t then go look at the mirror. I love the way you smile bro. Hope you keep smiling even when you’ll be teeth less. .
  • I dint realized you have grown taller than me; still you’ll always be my little brother. 
  • You have taught me how to read and write. I am so thankful to you big brother. I love you more than anything brother, Hope you achieve everything in life.
  • No matter how what happens, I’ll always love you. Come-on smile it’s your birthday.