Happy Birthday Father – 100+ Heartfelt and Warm Birthday Wishes for Dad

We all love our father, don’t we? They protect us, feed us and build us to survive in this harsh world. They just give us everything they have and in return ask for nothing.No one can love us the way a father does; maybe that’s why they hold a special place in our heart. For so special fathers we should throw special birthday parties and wish the in the most elegant and lovely way.Below is a large collection of some wonderfully written birthday wishes for fathers. These wishes are written straight from the heart and will give them eternal pleasure and fortune. I hope you like these wishes.

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  • A very happy birthday to the world’s best dad, you’ll always be my superhero. No matter how old you get, I’ll always love you dad.
  • If mom is my earth then you are my sky. No matter how far I go, I’ll always love you dad.
  • I hope all these candles on the cake, May bright up your life like a million lanterns. You are the peace of my heart; I am like one of your parts.
  • I wish I could ever be as handsome as my dad. No matter how old I get, I’ll always remain your little son.
  • A very happy birthday, to the most lovable dad. Dad you have always been my idol and will remain.
  • You’re the dreams which come after a nightmare. I love you so much dad, I wish you live a hundred years.
  • I feel so privileged to have a father like you. No matter how far I go, my home will always be your heart.
  • I don’t know how but you always have the solutions of my problems. I love you dad.
  • No matter how much we fight, I’ll always stay by your side.  I was your little girl; I am your little girl and always will be.
  • Your heart is a diamond, strong and unbreakable. Many many happy returns of the day dad. You are everything I ever wanted to be papa, many many happy returns of the day.
  • A very happy birthday to my dearest dad, you are just awesome. I hope you achieve everything you want in life.
  • I am so glad I have such a brilliant person as my father. No matter how much one tires the bond between can never be broken.
  • I hope each year we celebrate your birthday with more and more joy. You’re the best dad ever. You are like a tree helpful, loving and giving.
  • I may have grown taller than you, but I’ll always be your little son.  Dad you are irreplaceable, no one can ever be like you.
  • Happy birthday papa, may all your wishes come true. Even if I travel the extreme ends of this world, I won’t be able to find a father like you.
  • Smile dad it’s your birthday , I promise to be a better son this year.
  • If the ask me what is perfection, my answer will be you. I wish I could be as brilliant as you.
  • A very happy birthday day, I wish you have great years ahead. I wish this day comes every year and bring fortune and joy to you.
  • The feeling which I get in yours can never be defined. I love and admire you papa. Even if I try I won’t be as good a father as you have been to me.
  • I wish you the best for the coming year. Your smile reminds me of my childhood, time may have change but the way you smile at me hasn’t. You’re the best papa.
  • You made me smile whenever I cried, you are my hero dad. I wish you a long life. You taught me how to walk, talk and read. I can never thank you for all this. My mentor, my daddy.
  • They say that I look like my mother, but I am my daddy’s lil girl. You’re my hero papa.
  • I can never forget how you used to carry me on your shoulders. I simply love you dad. You’re the best dad.
  • If you could see in my heart, you would find yourself there. See I bought you a tie, I know you love them.
  • If I ever make a list of my favorite things, you’ll be at number one. I may have been smart, but you are wise.
  • I love you more than anything dad and always will.  I can’t express how happy I am, it’s my dad’s birthday.